Dear Parents
A very warm welcome to our Easter Newsletter. This has been a relatively short but busy term with lots going on, which I hope you enjoy reading about.
As always we would like to begin by thanking you for your help and generosity in raising so much money during our “LOVE LENT” fundraising. The students have been eager and enthused in their efforts to support our four Lenten charities which are: Diabetes UK; Bethesda Life Centre in India; Hope Health Action in Haiti and Mary’s Meals. This year the students will have the final ‘say’ in how the money is distributed by voting for their chosen charity. The STARs will then meet and present the cheque to each of the charities after Easter.
These charities are being led by different students and teachers. Each Form Group has its own fundraising activities plus each Year Group has their own fundraising focus such as Year 7 continuing their reputable sweet stall; Year 8s have been selling fizzy drinks; Year 9s have been busy selling Creme Eggs; Year 10 are selling chocolate bars and the Sixth Form have been busy selling donuts. So far each year group has raised over £400 just by selling these items.
Many students have taken their fundraising efforts outside of school and have involved their families and churches to continue to raise money which is so appreciated. All the children have been working hard with the continued support of their teachers and, so far, we have raised over £7,000 but there is still money to collect, so this figure will rise – more to come after Easter so watch this space!
We are also holding our ‘Grand Raffle’ again this year which everyone in the SJB community can buy a ticket for - £1000 to anyone is a lot of money! Good luck to all those who are ‘in it to win it’.
We would like to congratulate Miss Dwyer who has been promoted to Deputy Head. We are confident that she will continue to do a stunning job of helping us run the school.
I should like to thank our fantastic departing Head Boy Frank Pauwels, Head Girl Harriet Harding and Deputies Oscar Read and Liliana Avellino, who have played an enormous part in the life of SJB. They have worked really hard to represent the Sixth Form at evening events, with visitors and in mentoring younger students. Their final task is to prepare and run their leavers assembly which signifies their departure from SJB. We are extremely proud of our ambassadors and wish them all the very best for their future lives.
We welcome and congratulate our newly appointed team; Head Boy Chris Wolfe, Head Girl Natalie McKendry and Deputies Daniel Meyer and Jennifer Ingram, we know they will embrace their new roles with the same enthusiasm and dedication as the previous team. Since their appointment, they have played an integral role in the design of the new Sixth Form building and are very excited to be part of the first year of students to use the new facilities.  
This brings us nicely on to our building project. As you know Phase One (Sports Hall) is complete and in full use by all our students and some members of staff too! We are now in the stages of restructuring our Sixth Form Block (Phase Two). This will see a two storey extension which will provide six extra classrooms, a quiet room and some new office space. The existing LRC will be completely refurbished to an exciting new design from consultants TaskSpace Ltd. All this will be ready for the start of the new academic year in September at which point we hope to start Phase Three….
We would like to take this opportunity to wish our current Year 11 and 13 students every success in their forthcoming exams.
Now, this wouldn’t be our termly newsletter without the termly nag… May we please remind you about our high standards when it comes to uniform. Please ensure that the girls are wearing skirts that touch their knee when standing up!! We have a lovely collection of pleated skirts in the office just waiting to be given out to regular offenders. With the summer looming, please do not be taken in when your son says that it’s ok to have a grade one haircut because it isn’t and he will be sent home!
As you may know, SJB is working in partnership with Teach SouthEast SCITT. Should you or anyone you know be interested in training to become a teacher please see our website:
Thank you for sending your charming children to SJB, it really is an honour for us as teachers and support staff to work with them. The children are exhausted particularly, our Year 11 and the Sixth Form students so please ensure they get plenty of RELAXATION over the holidays.
Have a happy and holy Easter everyone – details of all the church times are available in the Parish Newsletter and, as always, thank you for your continued positivity and for being so supportive of SJB. You have no idea what an affirmative impact that has on us all.
God Bless
James Granville Hamshar
Head of School
St John the Baptist, Woking | March 2017
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