Sixth Form Application

Applications for the Sixth Form are now closed. Please contact Mrs Areington if you have any questions


Surname *
Middle names
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Date of birth *
With whom does the child live? *
    Both Parents
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Family details

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Other details

Are you a Catholic *

Please note:- If you are a Catholic, please email a copy of your Baptismal Certificate (in PDF format) to with this application


Current school details

Name of Current School *
School Address Line 1 *
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School Town *
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School Postcode *
Name of Head Teacher *
Headteachers Email Address *
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Application declaration

  • I wish this form to be taken as an application for a place at St John the Baptist School Sixth Form.
  • I have emailed a copy of my passport (in PDF format) to as proof of age and identification.

We ask all students to work with the school to support its Mission Statement and its Code of Conduct.

Please note:- All students must achieve a minimum of a Level 4 in Maths & English as this is a compulsory requirement for entry to the 6th form.

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